Our Mission is to continuously strive to improve our quality and safety in order to provide the best cutting-edge value to our customers and end users, while being responsible to the communities we serve and the professionals we employ and work alongside. 

What makes us stand out from the rest?

Local Appreciation

The vast majority of employees have grown up and currently live in the areas which we work.  Our employees take pride in working on roads and bridges and being able to tell others that they built that project once it is complete.  This connection to the community helps ensure that each person at Primco gives their best and produces a premier product each and every day.  This connection to the community results in a premium product produced for the owner.  This should also correlate to less future maintenance and an ultimately longer lifespan of the structure.


Safety is our top priority at Primco.  We want to ensure that every employee, subcontractor, and government employee that is working with or around our projects make it home every night.  As projects are getting built faster, equipment is operated faster, and technology is becoming more prevalent, Primco wants to make sure that each person understands the proper way to maintain a safe work environment. 

Top-Down Quality

Quality is preached from the top down.  It is not “just good enough”; it has to be the best.  Just because there is a minimum standard that does not mean that is what we strive for.  Primco’s goal is to be better than the standard on each project we are involved in.  One way Primco strives to be the best is through Innovation. 


Over the years, we have used innovation to stand out from the competition.  Primco was one of the first companies to manufacture overlay concrete onsite and place it.  We worked with local counties to produce package bridges that would allow the County Engineer to pick and choose the components needed depending on the size of structure for a certain location.  Primco also has full time fabricators who have produced countless items to make installation of bridge components more accurate, safer, and cost effective.  This thinking outside of the box mentality has lead Primco to value engineer many items that has saved INDOT and Governmental entities thousands of dollars. 

On Time

Primco has proven over the years that On Time is not a question but an expectation.  Primco has consistently delivered countless projects on time.  This is accomplished through the understanding of the management and expertise of the foreman.   The management of Primco have years of expertise at finding ways to build projects more efficiently.  We find the best and most efficient way to phase a project and then utilize the experience of our superintendents and foreman to execute. On projects large and small, we continually ask how can we build that better, faster, and safer. 

Quality Equipment and Maintenance

Primco has from the beginning strived to provide its employees with equipment that is reliable, safe, and dependable.  Constant maintenance on all equipment has increased the longevity of each piece.  It is also shown in the pride of the employees that operate the equipment. Proof of this commitment: one of the first cranes Primco purchased is still in operation today.

Technologically Advanced

Primco has embraced technology as it has evolved over the decades. We started in the early 1980's with bidding programs and cost tracking with early DOS software, and we've followed the evolution of stringless paving equipment and the use of GPS construction engineering today. We will continue to look for new ways to help the project be built in a more timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.  

Proof is in Longevity

The best proof of a quality contractor is longevity.  Primco has been in business for 50 years.  As other companies have come and gone, Primco has remained and flourished, growing to one of Indiana and region’s top bridge and road contractors.  We remain committed to being one of the best contractors in the area well into the future.  Longevity is made possible by the commitment we've made to our employees as well as our employees' commitment to our company.  Primco has some of the longest employee tenure as any other field of work.  We are proud that we have employees that have started from high school and stayed with us until retirement.