Why Work at Primco?

You may ask yourself, “Why should I work at Primco?”  The answer is easy if you are a motivated, hardworking, and loyal person.  Here at Primco, Inc. we are not afraid to hire a person with no or limited experience and train them in the proper ways to work in our industry.  Primco will spend the time and money to train an individual with the expectation that a loyal and hardworking employee will be the result.   Also resulting in an employee who enjoys coming to work to better themselves and the company.  As the foundation of our great nation, “The working class” has started to decline, we appreciate the people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and help rebuild our roads and bridges.  If this sounds like the type of person you are or want to become, continue reading and fill out an application. 

Make a good living with opportunities to advance.

With the skyrocketing cost of college, guidance counselors and High Schools have forgotten that you can make a good living without going to college.  You can start out making nearly double in one year what someone going to college is spending each year.  With our continued company growth and our training programs there is always room for advancement at Primco, Inc. 

Along with the industry leading wages, Primco also offers industry leading benefits.  Primco offers full benefits which include health care with low deductibles, eye and dental insurance at no additional cost, and 401K retirement benefits.

Employees also are eligible for additional compensation programs.  Employees which meet a minimum length of employment and hours work will be eligible for a yearly compensation based on how projects have performed in the field.

Employees also get to work with some of the newest and best maintained equipment in the industry.  Primco takes pride in our equipment and is willing to look at new equipment or methods to help make our employees jobs safer and more efficient.

In House Training Program

Whether you are new to the construction industry or a veteran you can never have too much training.  This is why Primco has every new employee go thru a two day orientation program when hired.  Our Safety Director will go over all aspects of construction with each new employee.  From basic lifting techniques to pre operating check lists for equipment it is all covered in this initial training session.  New employees will also be instructed on Hazardous Communication, Personal safety checklists, Fire protection program, lock out / tag out program, and basic safety rules for construction.

Also during the off season employees have the opportunity to go to Primco University, an in house training facility where employees will be taught the proper way to operate various pieces of equipment and will be trained in all aspects of road and bridge construction. Primco also utilizes partners to help train or certify our employees.  Some of the partners are Case Equipment, Ivy Tech, Speedway Construction Products and Click Safety, to name a few.

Primco has recognized that employees with additional training or certifications should receive compensation for this extra value.  To recognize this Primco will compensate employee with additional hourly compensation when the following certifications are meet:

  • AWS Welding Type D1.5 Certified             Add $1.25 / hour to existing pay rate
  • CDL (Class A) completion                              Add $1.50/ hour to existing pay rate
  • NCCO Hydraulic Crane Cert.                         Add $2.00/ hour to existing pay rate
  • NCCO Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Cert  Add $2.25/ hour to existing pay rate

Equal Opportunity Employer

Primco is an equal opportunity employer, which means Primco will not discriminate against any potential or existing employee for any reason, including gender, race, religion, color, or national origin. 

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