Primco will perform all the exterior concrete on commercial projects of all sizes.
Commercial Work

Whether it is a large distribution center with concrete parking and roadway or a smaller shopping center with curb, sidewalk, and drive approaches, Primco has the experience and personnel to complete any project.

Primco has the capability of performing specialty concrete, slip formed curb, and subdivisions.  Streets can be quickly placed to meet fast-paced projects utilizing the many molds that will fit on the paving machines.  Primco has the capability to slipform rolled curb, chair back curb, and many other styles or forms, as well as median barrier wall and bridge rail walls.

Commercial Job Site

As cities and towns are improving downtown areas, city streetscape projects have become more prevalent.  Many of these projects focus on quality and appearance.  Primco can switch from high production to this more low production and higher-detail type of work seamlessly. 

Streetscape Work

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