The personal safety and health of each employee at PRIMCO, Inc. is of primary importance.  We believe that our employees are our most important assets and their safety is our greatest responsibility.  The prevention of on the job injuries and illnesses is a priority for PRIMCO. Our goal is to operate accident-free for our all of our employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, and general public. To be successful, our safety program is developed to maintain the proper attitude toward injury and illness prevention, the Safety Culture.  The cooperation between corporate management, supervisors and employees are the foundation of the safety program. 

Safety is a team effort.  All employees are trained in job site safety and hazard recognition. Each employee is empowered to cease any unsafe operations and correct any potential hazards for themselves or any employee.  Each employee, from laborer to supervision, is encouraged to report safety issues or make suggestions to our safety department at any time.


Our employees are our greatest asset and we believe in the continuous development of our team members. 

Employee Safety Orientation

Each new employee must complete the New Hire Safety Training Program.  Employees are trained in the basic safety and hazard recognition for construction.  

Job Site Toolbox Talks

Job site toolbox talks train and inform employees on relevant safety topics.  It opens discussion amongst employees and supervision on safety.

Job Site Specific Training  

Various job sites may have specific hazards not common on most job sites.  Employees are trained on recognition of these specific hazards and the safe ways to eliminate or protect themselves from these hazards.

Annual Safety Meetings

Supervision goes through various safety training programs during the winter months. They are also review incident history, employee training, the company safety program and procedures.  These meetings steer our employee development as well as our safety training program.   


Primco participates in or has personnel who have been trained in the following areas:

  • ICI Joint Safety Committee
  • Northern Indiana Damage Prevention Committee
  • OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 programs
  • NCCO Crane Operators Certificate


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Tool School

New hires with limited or no tool or construction experience attend classroom and practical tool training sessions in our Corporate Training Center.  The knowledge and experience gained through the tool school allows employees to operate tools effectively and safely when they enter the job site.  Onsite training continues this process.

Equipment Operation 

From skid steers to cranes, the equipment operation training begins in the classroom and continues at our practical training pit.  New operators learn the safe operation of equipment with practical training and practice away from the job site. This method of training allows the operator to continue the onsite training with confidence while performing work on the job site.

Training Center

Primco utilizes a state of the art tiered seating 110 person training center.  The area is large enough to bring equipment into the facility for training in the winter.  It also has 2 each 85” monitors for presentations along with a 110” projection screen.  The training center can be used for large company meeting or small groups going over specific training needs.

Training Center Classroom
Training Center Seating


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